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Wyvern Falls is a rather unremarkable place on the eastern seaboard of Csyelus. Once a thriving industrious center, producing goods and acting as an open market for the neighboring realms, little was left to hint at the once prosperous city. Abandoned after the markets failed and better trade routes were found, the city was left to ruin. Decaying husks of buildings line most of the streets, some scared by fire while others stand only partially constructed. Further inland from the waterfront remain the looming concrete edifices of what used to be a powerful military research base. But with the fall of the markets and the mass exodus to more desirable living areas, the base fell to the same fate as the surrounding city and is now no more than a haunted shell, left to slowly decay in the sands of time.

The only still active area is the residential complex spanning the shore line. People lived there for one reason - they wanted to get away from everything else. With the city nestled in a valley between two mountain ranges, it has been mostly ignored and overlooked by the outside world. The only constant connection to the neighboring areas is the supply lines that sill run between cities. However most are automated so it was a rarity to see a new face. Between the supply lines and the open waters, the area has remained fairly self sufficient.

Until not too long ago, the people were able to happily go about their daily lives with out any worry or concern for the outside world. Over time, the entire area has become a tight-knit community where every one knew every one else. To them, it seemed like a paradise. However, something most people seem to forget, or even outright ignore, is that not every thing is always as it seems.

Every place, even paradise, has its own plethora dark and hidden secretes; dirty little things that residents will try to ignore or won’t even acknowledge. The people of Wyvern Falls though they had been living in a paradise, and most people visiting from the outside would agree with them. But now even the most oblivious residents had trouble denying the dark cloud beginning to loom over their homes. Still, they did their best to ignore it and go about their lives, happily oblivious.
I'll say right up front that Kuvrahks and their world belong to Casey Young and not me. However, the plot line, characters, and a bunch of other stuff (I'm not sure yet because I haven't come up with it yet) are original works. If any one has questions on what belongs to who, please ask.

I'm probably going to be pulling inspiration from other works as well, such as "Fear Nothing" and "Seize The Knight" by Dean Koontz and a multitude of StarWars novels and fan-fictions.... so some things may seem familiar. I don't want to copy, so if some things seem a bit to familiar, please tell me.

Also, I am open to ALL kinds of feed back. Praise is good, critiques are better, and thoughts and insights are welcome.
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May 20, 2007
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